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Information on the history of the EL and information about ELDCPS and its efforts to restore EL equipment to service.

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  • 2014 Holiday Express Trains to Santa - Scranton to Moscow 2014 Holiday Express Trains to Santa - Scranton to Moscow 2014 Holiday Express Trains to Santa - Scranton to Moscow November 28-29, 2014 & December 6, 2014
  • 2014 Dickensian Holiday Express Trains - Scranton to Gouldsboro 2014 Dickensian Holiday Express Trains - Scranton to Gouldsboro 2014 Dickensian Holiday Express Trains - Scranton to Gouldsboro November 30, 2014 & December 7, 2014
  • 2014 Holiday Express Santa Trains - Delaware Water Gap, PA & East Stroudsburg, PA 2014 Holiday Express Santa Trains - Delaware Water Gap, PA & East Stroudsburg, PA 2014 Holiday Express Santa Trains - Delaware Water Gap, PA & East Stroudsburg, PA December 13-14 & 20, 2014
  • Dinner on the Diner - East Stroudsburg, PA Dinner on the Diner - East Stroudsburg, PA Dinner on the Diner - East Stroudsburg, PA Saturday, December 13, 2014
  • Pre-Order the Rapido Trains FL9 Locomotive from ELDCPS Pre-Order the Rapido Trains FL9 Locomotive from ELDCPS Pre-Order the Rapido Trains FL9 Locomotive from ELDCPS HO and N Scales! Proceeds support ELDCPS



Holiday Express Santa Trains Begin November 28

Santa Trains are Back | Seasons Greetings from the Lackawanna RailroadImmediately following Thanksgiving, we will begin our Holiday Express Santa trains. All trains will be roundtrip excursions departing from three different stations in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Our first trips will depart from Scranton, PA and will include a visit to one of two restored stations, Moscow (Lackawanna & Wyoming Valley Railway Historical Society) and Gouldsboro (Wayne County Historical Society), that we have partnered with to operate these trains. Children will have the opportunity at either station to visit with Santa and enjoy a festive atmosphere created by each station's dedicated volunteers. Trains will operate to Moscow on November 28, 29, and December 6; and to Gouldsboro on November 30 and December 7.

On December 13, 14, and 20, we will run Santa Trains out of the historic Delaware Water Gap and East Stroudsburg stations, in cooperation with the station owners—the Delaware Water Gap Station Preservation Partnership and the East Stroudsburg Partnership. Ride the train with Santa Claus and his helpers through the Brodhead Creek Valley to Cresco, PA and return.



Dinner on the Diner - Saturday, December 13, 2014 - East Stroudsburg, PA

Dinner on the DL&W (Lackawanna) Diner - Diner 469Enjoying a meal on a railroad dining car is an unique and memorable experience, and ELDCPS is dedicated to recreating that experience with a level of food and servcice reminiscent of the glory years of passenger rail travel.

Join us for a unique experience on The Phoebe Snow Diner, Lackawanna 469, our 1949-vintage railroad dining car, and enjoy an evening of great food, service, and conversation. For this event, Diner 469 will be parked outside the history Dansbury Depot in East Stroudsburg. Proceeds from this event will go towards ELDCPS, the East Stroudsburg Partnership, and the Delaware Water Gap Station Preservation Partnership.



Happy National Train Day 2014!

Nickel Plate Road (NKP) Pullman City of Lima at Steamtown in Scranton, PA for National Train Day along with Delaware-Lackawanna Alcos and Lackawanna Railroad Diner 469 - The Phoebe Snow Diner
Photo courtesy of Steamtown National Historic Site (National Park Service)


Another Successful Dinner on the Diner Event

Dinner on the Diner - Lackawanna 469One significant milestone in the history and progress of this organization was passed on March 23, 2014, when DL&W Diner 469 was opened to over 60 of our members and the public, who enjoyed a delicious four-course meal provided by La Trattoria, a local Scranton restaurant. This event, which raised over $1,000 for the Society, marked the first time an Erie Lackawanna dining car served a public meal in over 40 years in Scranton.

On April 27, we hosted our second Dinner on the Diner event, partnering with Alfredo's Pizza Cafe. This event was also a tremendous success, and we are now looking forward to our next event. We thank all of our members and supporters who joined us for these two days of dining, conversation, and experience.

Sign up for our event notification emails in the window to the upper-left, or click the link below, to be notified as soon as we set our next date.



Join ELDCPS in Scranton for a Two-Hour Happy Hour Fundraiser

ELDCPS will be hosting a fundraising social event at Kildare's Irish Pub in Scranton, PA on Friday, February 21, 2014 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. Join us for food, drinks, and fun to help raise funds for the Society and our project!



Leadership Lackawanna Presents Donation to ELDCPS

Leadership Lackawanna Presents Donation to ELDCPSBack in November, Leadership Lackawanna announced that their Core group would be working with us to design and implement a marketing plan, which highlighted our restoration project. Over the first half of 2013, Leadership hosted several benefit events to promote ELDCPS and Diner 469. Their project culminated in the June 6, 2013 launch party for Diner 469 at the Radisson Lackawanna Station hotel in Scranton.

While their commitment to us was completed with the launch party, Leadership Lackawanna was generous enough to present us this week with a donation for $3800 to be used toward the kitchen and refrigeration work on Diner 469.

We thank Leadership Lackawanna for all of their help!



Phoebe Snow Diner 469 Reintroduced to Scranton

DL&W Diner 469 poses at the former Lackawanna Railroad station in Scranton PAThanks to the hard work of our fantastic volunteers and the wonderful people at Leadership Lackawanna, DL&W Diner 469 made its public debut on June 6, 2013 at the Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel, celebrating the restoration of the dining area of the car. Although there are still a few minor projects that remain inside the dining area, our focus now turns toward the kitchen and refrigeration systems of the car. We estimate the costs will be around $30,000 to complete these two items, with an additional $30,000 to prep and paint the car in DL&W colors.

Make a donation today to help us bring back the experience of Dinner in the Diner to the Friendly Service Route.



Reproduction Pullman "Cedar" Blankets

Reproduction Pullman Cedar BlanketThe Pullman Cedar pattern blanket, with its Art Deco Pullman logo, became a recognizable symbol of comfort on long-distance train travel. The design was used by Pullman on all of its newer "lightweight" sleeping cars starting in 1936. ELDCPS has partnered with Faribault Woolen Mills to recreate the 1941 version of these blankets. Our Pullman Cedar blankets are twin size, a full 66" x 96", and 100% wool, per Pullman Company specifications, and are made in the USA.

These blankets are now on sale at our Online Store.



Leadership Lackawanna To Help Kickoff Diner 469's Return to Service

Leadership Lackawanna is northeastern Pennsylvania's premier leadership and professional development program for emerging professionals, and they have selected ELDCPS and Diner 469 as their 2013 "core" group project. Leadership Lackawanna will assist ELDCPS in our marketing and fundraising, and will organize and host a launch event for Diner 469 in early June. The Leadership Lackawanna name for the project is "The Phoebe Snow Diner". We look forward to working with this fantastic group to bring the dinner in the diner experience back to the Friendly Service Route!

Leadership Lackawanna Website>>

Leadership Lackawanna Facebook Page>>

The Phoebe Snow Diner Facebook Page>>


Diners 741 & 770 Have Returned Home

Erie Lackawanna Diner 741 and Erie Lackawanna Diner 770 pose at Steamtown in Scranton on July 18 2012

Just a few months after DL&W Diner 469 returned home to Scranton, our other two dining cars, Erie Lackawanna 741 and Erie Lackawanna 770, have now arrived in Scranton.

Diners 741 and 770 departed Kansas City, MO on the afternoon of July 9, 2012. Norfolk Southern delivered the cars to the Delaware-Lackawanna Railroad in Portland, PA on July 17, and the DL delivered the cars to Scranton later that night.

The cars will soon be moved to our Maple Grove worksite in Scranton.

We would like to express our gratitude to Norfolk Southern and Delaware-Lackawanna for delivering these two cars back home where they belong.

More details about the move will be posted soon.


DL&W Phoebe Snow Diner 469 is Home!

DL&W Diner 469 returns to Scranton, accompanied by a Dieseliner coach and Delaware-Lackawanna Alco locomotivesFormer Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Diner 469, built in 1949 for The Phoebe Snow, has arrived at our Maple Grove worksite in Scranton, PA! 40 years after the car was sold by the Erie Lackawanna, the car has returned home.

The car was picked up from its former home in Collierville, TN last week by Norfolk Southern, and arrived at the Delaware-Lackawanna interchange in Portland, PA on 4/17/12. After overnighting on home rails in downtown Scranton, the D-L spotted the car to Maple Grove on the afternoon of 4/18/12.

The car is in excellent physical and mechanical condition, and we will now compile a punch-list on what needs to happen to make the car operational. After a thorough clean-up, some kitchen work, and a return into Lackawanna colors, Diner 469 will soon become our first dining car to enter service.

To help raise the funds needed to get the car painted and operational, we are selling reproductions of the famous Phoebe Snow pattern china used on the car. We have also started the DL&W 469 Club, a special fundraising program for premium donations. Visit the Diner 469 page more more information.

More Information>>


Maple Grove - A Place to Call Home

ELDCPS Volunteers perform track work at our Maple Grove worksite in South ScrantonELDCPS has entered into a lease agreement for a secure location to continue working on our cars in Scranton. Nicknamed "Maple Grove" after the surrounding trees (and a tongue-in-cheek nod to Amtrak's Beech Grove car repair shops), this industry track is located in South Scranton. This new location offers us improved access to our equipment, lots of parking, and space to work. ELDCPS volunteers have been working hard to return this previously out-of-service track back into service. For the latest updates, visit our Members Blog.

Visit Members Blog>>


Information Wanted

African Americans played a critical role in Railroad Dining Car and Pullman operations, and we intend to research this history as part of our project. If you or a family member was employed in these historical dining car or Pullman operations, we would like to hear your personal history.