Volunteer Info

Volunteer Info

The Erie Lackawanna Dining Car Preservation Society is an all-volunteer organization comprised of railroad enthusiasts and veterans, historians, artists, and foodies.  We focus on railroad passenger service based on the equipment we operate which include a 48 seat diner and 20 bed Pullman sleeping car.  We have several opportunities for volunteers to participate in Society activities outside of the rail car restoration.  You can serve as a car attendant, wait staff, or porter in addition to volunteering to work on restoring and repairing our equipment.

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The preservation work that the ELDCPS does would not be possible without the generous gifts of donors. ELDCPS volunteers perform all of the fundraising work, whether its advertising projects to potential donors or working with the event planning volunteers to conduct a fundraising event (such as happy hour events and pop-up restaurants). We are always looking for volunteers that have grant writing skills or are good at sourcing funds for nonprofits.

Event Planning

The ELDCPS  hosts a number of events each year. Each of these events are planned by dedicated volunteers. Events range from happy hours at area establishments to our popular pop-up restaurants and our annual Santa Trains. These events are a great way for administratively-minded people to get involved in the ELDCPS’ activities. Volunteers that can coordinate locations, advertising, and other contacts within the community are especially welcome.

Equipment Restoration

The ELDCPS owns a number of historic railroad passenger cars that have been, are currently being restored, or are waiting to be restored by our volunteers. Even after the initial restorations, this equipment still requires regular maintenance and upkeep. Our skilled volunteers perform all but the heaviest repairs themselves, many of them learning the about car repair and maintenance. The restoration of equipment is probably the easiest way for an inexperienced volunteer to get involved in ELDCPS, as we can provide on-the-job training for nearly all aspects of railroad equipment maintenance.