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Erie Lackawanna "Grecian" Pattern Flatware

The Grecian pattern silverware was an early favorite for use on railroad dining cars. Introduced by International Silver in 1913, it was used by the Baltimore & Ohio, Florida East Coast, New York Central, Pennsylvania, and Southern Pacific Railroads. In the mid 1920’s the Erie Railroad began to upgrade its dining car service with the lease and then purchase of 9 dining cars built by Pullman. When these new dining cars were put into service new china was ordered from GDA Limoges in France (the “Gould” pattern). The Erie also introduced the Grecian pattern silverware to replace several older patterns then in use. Grecian would become the standard pattern for the Erie Railroad.

After the 1960 merger with the Delaware Lackawanna & Western, the new Erie Lackawanna would continue to use Grecian as its standard pattern. The EL ordered pieces using the EL diamond logo in place of the Erie’s logo. The Grecian silverware would turn out to be the only hardware used in the EL dining cars that would be specifically marked for the Erie Lackawanna.

The ELDCPS is pleased to be able to offer these fine reproductions of the EL Grecian pattern. Made in America by World Silver, these pieces are hotel grade silver plate, just like the originals!