Sleeper City of Lima

Sleeper City of Lima

COL-maplegroveCity of Lima (Nickel Plate 211)

Nickel Plate 211 was built in 1950 by Pullman Standard as part of a fleet of 13 sleeping cars with a configuration of six bedrooms and 10 roomettes. These cars were named for communities along the Nickel Plate Road, thus 211 was named the City of Lima. ELDCPS accepted donation of this car in March 2003. The car was painted during the summer of 2006 into its original Nickel Plate Road colors and arrived in Scranton, Penn. in late 2007. ELDCPS currently uses City of Lima for excursions in the Scranton area.

We are raising funds for the continued upkeep and restoration of City of Lima through a Naming Program and the NKP 211 Club.

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City of Lima throughout the years

History of City of Lima

This sleeping car operated in through service between Hoboken and Chicago, in conjunction with the Lackawanna and the Erie Lackawanna from 1950 until the end of this service in 1963. With the decline in Nickel Plate passenger service both before and after the 1964 merger with the Norfolk & Western, the City of Lima was sold in 1965 to the Illinois Central and renamed theCynthia.

In 1969-70, the car was purchased by the Michigan Railroad Club, and was kept at the Brush Street Station in downtown Detroit. After passing inspection by the Grand Trunk Western, the car was run on many weekend trips to Chicago by the club on GTW’s Mohawk. Upon the end of GTW passenger service, the car was moved to the GTW shops in Port Huron, Mich. The car was used by the MRC for excursions, as well as the GTW as part of their business train. In the late 1970s, the car was sold to Hogtrain, Inc, who painted the car in MoPac “Eagle” colors, and operated the car in excursion service.

In 1985, the car was sold to the Chicago & North Western, renamed the Lake Michigan, and assigned to their business car fleet. Shortly after the Union Pacific-CNW merger, the car was again sold to a private individual, who eventually donated the car to ELDCPS.

City of Lima floor plan

COL Floor Plan


Special thanks to Tom Moisan for helping us with the history of the car

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