Equipment Overview

Equipment Overview

Our Equipment: The Lake Cities Project

The last long-distance passenger train on the Erie Lackawanna was The Lake Cities. The train made its final trip from Hoboken, N.J. to Chicago, Ill. on Jan. 4, 1970, closing out over 100 years of long-distance passenger service on the Erie and Lackawanna Railroads. The goal of our organization is to recreate an Erie Lackawanna long-distance train from the 1960s by collecting equipment to operated on this train.  We call this The Lake Cities Project.

ELDCPS owns four passenger cars which operated on Erie Lackawanna long-distance trains:

Erie Lackawanna Diner 741

Erie Lackawanna 741, ex-Erie 941
Built 1927, Pullman

Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Diner 469

Erie Lackawanna 769, ex-Delaware, Lackawanna & Western 469
Built 1949, Budd

Erie Lackawanna Diner 770

Erie Lackawanna 770, ex-Delaware, Lackawanna & Western 470
Built 1949, Budd

Nickel Plate 10-6 Sleeper City of Lima

Nickel Plate Road 211
Built 1950, Pullman

EL Commuter Coaches

ELDCPS also owns two cars that operated in commuter service on the Erie Lackawanna from 1971-1976. These cars, while not owned outright by the Erie Lackawanna, were the last passenger cars ever ordered for the railroad. Purchased and owned by the New Jersey Department of Transportation, these cars operated on the former Erie Lackawanna commuter lines until retired by New Jersey Transit in 2009. While not long-distance cars themselves, ELDCPS uses these cars for fundraising excursions to support the restoration of our long-distance cars.

Erie Lackawanna Dieseliner Coaches 1700 and 1705

Erie Lackawanna 1700, ex-NJ Transit 5718
Erie Lackawanna 1705, ex-NJ Transit 5711
Built 1970, Pullman-Standard
Rebuilt 1987, Bombardier

Other Equipment

Over time, the ELDCPS has acquired equipment that made it possible to run excursion on our own and we it was realized that the Society needed a reliable source of electricity to power the light, climate control, and appliances on our passenger cars. The ELDCPS acquired Amtrak baggage car 1352 to provide the platform to install a large diesel generator which provides enough electricity for our trains. We renumber this car to 1785 which is one numeral above the last Osgood Bradley wooden milk

Head End Power (HEP) Car 1785

HEP Car 1785 was built by St, Louis Car in 1953. It was donated to the Society at the end of 2016 and entered service in July of 2017. There is still a lot of body work that needs to be done before the car can be painted and made more presentable.

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