Diner 770

Diner 770

Erie Lackawanna Diner 770 was built by the Budd Company in 1949 for the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western’s new premier train, The Phoebe Snow. Budd Company also built Diner 469 (EL Diner 769) for the same train as well as two Tavern Lounge Cars  789 and 790,  Originally numbered 470 on the DL&W, the car was renumbered 770 after the merger forming the Erie Lackawanna, where the car ran on the EL’s version of the Phoebe Snow. The car was purchased by ELDCPS in 2005 and will be restored as Erie Lackawanna 770.

Diner 770 seats 36 passengers in the dining section, and features a full kitchen and food preparation area.

Originally planned to be restored as DL&W 470, due to the purchase of sister car 469, this car will now be restored as Erie Lackawanna 770. The interior and exterior of the car will be restored to its appearance from the time it operated on the Erie Lackawanna and will be used both as an operating dining car and support car.

Once work is completed on Diners 741 and 469, work will begin on Diner 770.

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Restoration Updates

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Diner 770 throughout the years

  • The Lackawanna years (1949-1960)
  • The Erie Lackawanna years (1960-1972)
  • The Strates years (1972-1986)
  • Private Ownership (1986-2001)
  • In Storage for American Orient Express<link> (2001-2004)
  • Kansas City (2005-2012)
  • Movement from Kansas City to Scranton (July 2012)
  • Scranton (2012-)

Diner 770 Diagram

770 Diagram

History of Diner 770

In the late-1940s, the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western (DL&W) Railroad purchased new equipment to replace their premiere train, The Lackawanna Limited, with a new lightweight streamliner, The Phoebe Snow. Diners 469 and 470, along with Tavern-Lounge observation cars 789 and 790, were built by the Budd Company in 1949 for The Phoebe Snow. After the merger forming the Erie Lackawanna, Diner 470 was renumbered 770.

The Erie Lackawanna’s version of The Phoebe Snow was discontinued in 1966. The last remaining long-distance through train, The Lake Cities, ran for the last time on January 5, 1970. No longer needed the equipment, Erie Lackawanna sold several cars, including Diner 770, to the James Strates circus in 1972.

In the spring of 2001, Diner 770 was listed for sale by Illinois Transit Assembly Corp. in Madison, Ill. ELDCPS was formed at this time to purchase the car, restore it to its former appearance, and operate it on the Delaware-Lackawanna out of Scranton. However, as we were working on fundraising to save the car, events moved faster then we were able to. The owner of the car sold it to American Orient Express before we could conclude the deal. At this point, ELDCPS switched gears and purchased Diner 741, which was the only other former-EL diner available at the time.

In 2004, American Orient Express determined that Diner 770 was surplus, and announced their intentions to sell the car. Working with AOE and John Suscheck at Ozark Mountain Railcar, ELDCPS completed the purchase of the car on March 31, 2005.

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