Preparing Diner 469 for Business, Weekend #2

Preparing Diner 469 for Business, Weekend #2

We had a very productive worksession on Saturday, Feb. 27, with members Jeremy Kwiatkowski, Neil Finch, Tim O’Malley and John Isaksen in attendance.

Big challenge of the day was implementing some of the suggestions on China storage that we made by Fran Phillips and Lawrence Biemiller from the “Dover Harbor” the previous week. (I’ll be posting more about Fran and Lawrence’s visit in an upcoming blog post).

Tim O’Malley took up the challenge, and working from Fran’s notes, came up with a scheme to store the three China patterns in the Steward’s Pantry overhead cabinets. Fran and Lawrence had come up with commercially-available clear plastic bins that would fit on the shelving, protect the China from sliding around, and segregate the three patterns of China for ease of selection. Tim worked out what placesetting items would fit together to maximize efficient use of the containers and space, marked the containers with the type of contents, and placed them on the shelves.

It’s astonishing the amount of China we have and even more so to know there’s only a fraction of each of the patterns of the China needed to completely set all the seating areas in the car!   Fran had inventoried what was already on the car during her visit, and we found several more boxes squirreled away in the Kitchen.

So – on to the agenda for this weekend:

We still need to do the following:

–figure out stowage of the remaining china and glassware.
–figure out the flatware situation for the car.
–Clean out and reconfigure storage cabinets between Stewards Pantry and the Dining Room on 469
–wash down the hallway walls on City of Lima — they’re still dirty from Railfest!
–Lower the Upper Berth in Bedroom 6 and either repair berth or decide to use the room as a “display bedroom” for the Inspection trip.
–Perform lubrication of roller bearings/handbrake mechanisms, stencil accordingly.
–Make permanent repairs to hot water circulation piping in undercar Water Cabinet (temp Shark Bite repairs currently in place).

The Society’s worksession will be at the Lackawanna County Recycling Center, at 3400 Boulevard Avenue, in Scranton.  The facility if not far from Exit 191 of Interstate 81, as seen from this map:

Location of the Recycling Center in relation to I-81

Travel north on North Main Street to Bowman Street, make a right, proceed over the Carbondale Line crossing to Boulevard Avenue.  Turn right, proceed along Boulevard Avenue, passing under I-81.  The Recycling Center is on your right.  you will See DIner 741 poking out from behind the buildings.  Park nose-in along the tracks.

Access to the facility is pretty straightforward on Saturday mornings, as the public gate is open for the public.  After noon, and on Sundays, Society personnel have keys to the gate.  If you arrive after noon, call John Isaksen at 973-618-6689 for access.

We have a lot to do in a short time.   You’re all welcome to come and see what we’re up to — and to join in!


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